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What is penile cancer and what are the types of penile cancer?

Penile cancer is cancer occurred on the skin of the penis or in the penis. It is a rare type of cancer and mostly affects men over the age of 50. Dr. Pradeep P. Rao of the Dept. of Urology in Global Hospital, Mumbai has vast experience to treat penile cancer.

How many types of penile cancer are?

Penile cancer has several types, which depends on the cell type from where cancer is developed. The types of penile cancer include
  • Carcinoma in situ- only cells of penis skin are affected and not spread deeper
  • Squamous cell penile cancer- occurs in the cells that cover the penis surface
  • Adenocarcinoma- occurs from the glandular cells of the penis
  • Melanoma of the penis- occurs in skin cells that provide skin its color

What are the symptoms of penile cancer?

The symptoms of penile cancer include
  • Bleeding from the foreskin or the penis
  • A sore or a growth of the penis
  • Discharge of foul smell
  • Over thickening of the skin that makes foreskin, difficult to draw back
  • A change in the penis skin or foreskin color
  • A rash on the penis

What are the causes/risk factors for developing penile cancer?

The causes of penile cancer are not known properly, but there are certain factors that can increase the chances of occurring penile cancer. They are
  • Presence of human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Age above 40
  • Smoking
  • Phimosis
  • Infections

What are the treatment options available for penile cancer?

The treatment for penile cancer depends on the size and shape of the affected area. Generally, the skin graft is suggested after the surgery to avoid any further problem. The major treatment options for penile cancer are
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy

When is it recommended to see the doctor?

A visit to doctor is recommended when
  • A visible growth or sore present on the penis
  • Seen some unusual symptoms that are not regular
  • Symptoms that persist on the penis

Global Hospital, Mumbai has all the advanced techniques and infrastructure to treat penile cancer. 

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