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Beat Kidney Stones Now!! Pain less Treatments at Mumbai.

Stone disease is among the most painful and prevalent urinary stone diseases.  Various kidney stone cases are diagnosed each year with an estimated 10 percent of Americans destined to suffer from kidney stones at some point in their lives. Lifestyle changes made women are more prone to kidney stone pain. Urinary stones are located in various regions like kidney, bladder and urethra.
Types of Urinary Stones                          
Calcium stones
Most kidney stones are made of various calcium compounds. Higher amount of calcium in the body increases the risk of hyperparathyroidism. So the patients with hyperparathyroidism will increase the risk calcium level.
Uric acid stones
Uric acid is a waste product in our body. Uric acid stones are increases as the result of low urine output and use of alchohole.
Struvite stones
Some kidney stones are struvite stones. These are also called infection stones if they occur with kidney or urinary tract infections (UTIs).
Some times it may lead into serious infections, because its large size. These stones are removed by the use of antibiotics and medical treatment. Women are affected more than men because of their higher risk of urinary tract infections.
Cystine stones
Kidney stones made of a chemical called cystine. Cystine stones are more likely to occur in people whose families have a condition that results in too much cystine in the urine (cystinuria).
Cystine stones may be prevented or dissolved with medicine. But this may be difficult and not very effective. If a stone causes blockage in the urinary tract or is too large, then it will need to be removed by surgery.

Kidney Stone Causes

  • Diabetes                                                                                  
  • High blood pressure
  • Reduction in the volume of urine
  • High stone-forming materials in the urine
  • Intensive obstruction to the flow of urine.

Kidney Stone Symptoms

  • Sudden and severe pain in the low back and/or side, groin, or abdomen.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Presence of blood in the urine.
  • Fever and chills.
  • Difficulty in urinating, urgency to urinate, penile pain, or testicular pain may happen due to kidney stones.
  • Dark colored urine

Best Treatment for Kidney Stones

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