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Avail Best Treatment To Say Goodbye To Cancer

Testicular Cancer is a disease in which cancer cells are discovered in one or both testicles.The testicles,also known as testes or gonads, are located in a pouch beneath the penis called the scrotum.

-: It produces male hormones (androgens) such as testosterone.
-: It produces sperm, the male cells which is needed to fertilize a female egg cell to start a pregnancy.Cancer that starts in the testicles is called Testicular Cancer. To understand this cancer better one needs to know about the normal structure and function of the testicles.

A symptoms is something the patient feels or reports,while a sign is something other people, a doctor, may detect. For example, pain may be a symptom while a
rash could be a sign.You must visit doctor if you have following symptoms:

:- ​ A lump or swelling in a testicle (painless)
:- ​ Pain in a testicle or scrotum
:- ​ Discomfort in a testicle or scrotum
:- ​ A sensation of heaviness in the scrotum
:- ​ A dull ache in the lower back
:- ​ A dull ache in the groin
:- ​ A dull ache in the abdomen
:- ​ A sudden accumulation of fluid in the scrotum
:- ​ Extreme weakness
Even though testicular cancer can spread to the lymph nodes,it hardly ever travels to other organs. If the cancer does spread, the patient may experience:-
:- ​ Coughing
:- ​ Breathing difficulties
:- ​ Swallowing difficulties

Treatment depends on the stage of the cancer, overall health condition and
preferences. The treatment option used can be three different types:

Surgical treatment:
:-Involves removal of the testicle and some lymph nodes.
:-Can be used to treat both-seminoma and the nonseminoma.

Radiation Therapy:
:-Uses high energy radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors.
:-Is used to treat stage2 seminoma (tumor of the testes):-Never used as primary therapy for nonseminoma.

:-Involves anti-cancer drugs to kill cancer cells.
:-Is usually prescribed to patients with advanced testicular cancer
-Two commonly used drugs are cisplatin and bleomycin.

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