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UPJ Obstruction Treatment in Mumbai

The ureter is a long thin tubular structure 10-12 inches long which carries urine produced in the kidney to the bladder.The urine is transported by a process called peristalsis

Ureteropelvic Junction(UPJ) Obstruction is a partial or total blockage at the place where  urine is produced (the kidney) and the tube that carries it to the bladder (the ureter). The kidney filters blood and collects urine at its center, where the renal pelvis funnels it into the ureter so that it can be delivered to the bladder.Congenital abnormalities may be observed in both adults and children.

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When should you consult a doctor ?

:- ​ Back Or flank pain
:-​  Traces of blood in Urine
:- ​ Lump in the abdomen (abdominal mass)
:- ​ Kidney infection
:- ​ Urinary tract infection, usually fever
:- ​ Vomiting

The traditional treatment for ureteropelvic junction obstruction has been open surgery to cut out the area of scarring and re-connect the ureter to the kidney.Over the past several years,newer less invasive treatment options has been developed.When the obstruction is mild,it is usually left to correct itself.Antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection,and the child is monitored every 3-6 months with a renal ultrasound.Because of the potential  kidney damage,more severe cases tend to require pyeloplasty,a surgical procedure that removes the blockage and reconnects the ureter and the renal pelvis.The success rate is higher than 95%.

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